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GO !!

1.Do you have pen-pal ? Do  you like  writing  letters ?

Yeah . No, not like writing letters haha

2.You like reading books ? What books is your favorite ?

Sure, who does not like to read books? My favorite books are the Fallen Saga, Teardrop, Vacation in Haunted Castle (is a Brazilian book) and many others.

3.Do you speak english  fluently ?

No, but I know enough and I do English course haha

4.Do you have something that scares you in your future ?

Yes, I’m afraid of losing my family, do not go to concerts of my idols and many other things

5.How  do you  spend  your free time ?

sleeping, or twitter haha

6.Do you have pets ? 

Yeah, 3 dogs <3 

7. What animal your favorite ?

Dogs  ;) 

8. How many friends do you have ?

 I have not” friends” I only have 3 colleagues

At school I am alone in the classroom while everyone is out there having fun .

9.Is there any celebrity that you hate/ don’t like ?

Yes, Nicki Minaj (I like one of her songs) Christina Aguilera do not like

10.How sociable are you? 

Well, I think I’m a nice person, but people think I’m weird and so strange when people do not know me, I’m very quiet, I talk a lot and I’m laughing straight from anything haha .

11. Have you ever thought of running away from home?

Yes, when I was a kid :)